Hello, I look forward to welcoming you to the annual transportation as a service event which will be held virtually on the 6th October starting at 9am UK Time.

I'll be chairing this years TaaS Technology Event which is dedicated to covering key topics like autonomous connected electric and shared mobility, new emerging business models disrupting the industry, and a the tools that will be required to make it a reality.

This event is a high level B2B forum, a one stop stop covering all important topics and bringing the industry together for one day, this year digitally.

Presentations for this year TaaS technology are grouped in to 4 key sessions, covering seemless travel and frictionless transport, smart energy systems, enabling new transport, and new business models.

So if you company is working to help share the future of mobility either as an established player or an industry startup, then I encourage you to attend TaaS technology event as it will give you new insights from a key range of experts, and will you help understand the challenges that the industry is facing, and the opportunities which will arise.

I look forward to seeing you there.