Moovit and Donkey Republic Partner To Offer a New Bike-Share Option for Urban Mobility App


European commuters now have more ways to travel at their fingertips


Moovit, a leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and considered one of the world's leading urban mobility apps, announced a new partnership with Donkey Republic to add its bike service to the app. Not only can commuters access traditional bus, metro and train services through the free Moovit app but will now discover sustainable and efficient travel options from Donkey Republic's fleet, with the aim of saving time and reducing the need for a car for first and last mile options.

Moovit users will now be able to see Donkey Republic bike-share options on Moovit's “Nearby Stations” map view and when they locate their nearest bike, they will be directed to the Donkey Republic app to make their booking.

Dockless mobility has only recently launched, and consumer demand already is tracking with the early growth of ride-hailing services. More than 80 percent of all trips in urban areas are less than 10 kilometres and are best suited for micro-mobility vehicles. That explains how Donkey Bike riders cycled 2.4 million kilometres in 2018. In Denmark alone, Donkey riders biked 1.31 million kilometres compared with 259,000 kilometres in 2017 — an increase of 427 percent.

Dockless transport service is a critical component in any MaaS platform. The multi-modality they offer expands the convenience and cost-effectiveness of public transit for riders everywhere. The wide range of non-fixed route services enables riders to tailor their commutes to their time and their terms, often resulting in shorter journey times. Dockless transit services also tend to be more environmentally-friendly, easing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

“Simplifying urban mobility all around the world is Moovit's mission. With the introduction of alternative transit options like bike-share, we can provide commuters more options for their journey, especially to help travel the first and last mile,” said Moovit Chief Growth and Marketing Officer Yovav Meydad. “Now, using Moovit, you can easily find a nearby Donkey Republic bike in eight cities in Europe, and new services added daily to allow people to have a custom multi-modal commute that satisfies their personal needs.”

Donkey Republic's CSO, Alexander Frederiksen, says “We share the goal of easing mobility for commuters across Europe with Moovit and we consider the integration of Donkey Republic in its MaaS platform as a very natural move. We believe bicycles combined with mass transit is the most efficient, sustainable and fun way to move around cities and this partnership is an important step in this process.”